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I'm sorry! The kids grew up and went off to college! But it was fun while it lasted...

Thankfully, Mo, Adrienne, Maya and Shea went on to play with Kuungana

Playing African marimba music in and around Bellingham, Washington from 2008 to 2013.

Monkeys at Procession of the Species - C

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The Big Bad Monkeys:

Call Deb Dole: 360-756-9230 or

The Big Bad Monkeys was 9 young musicians ages 14-17 and their director Deb Dole.   The Monkeys formed as 4th-6th graders in 2008 after building the marimbas as part of a year-long class project.   Three of the original members of the band played with the band until the end.  And four former members have gone on to become part of Kuungana a multigenerational marimba band in Bellingham.

The Big Bad Monkeys play the exuberant rhythms of Zimbabwe and southern Africa and combine soprano, tenor, baritone and bass marimbas with hosho, hand drums and vocals.   The music is upbeat, danceable and family oriented.

They have delighted audiences with energy filled performances in and around the Bellingham area for several years.    The sight and sound of these youth playing marimba is irresistible.   Watching the young musicians  play the giant baritone and bass is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard before.

Monkeys at Procession of the Species - A
The Big Bad Monkeys are: Hayden Coffey, Kyler Cruz, Maya Hatten-Beck, Griffin Holmes, Margot Lewis, Ava McIlvaine, Shea Mielke and Spring Williams-Fogelsong   Former members include Mo Dole, Adrienne Le Roy, Sammie Byron and Julian Mulberg-Holmes.

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